Characteristics of KGHM ZANAM S.A. Foundry Division

KGHM ZANAM Foundry Division produces cast steel and cast iron. The manufacturing profile covers about 2 000 types of assortment items each year. Such a large volume of offered products makes it possible for us to meet the expectations, requirements and needs of virtually every customer, even a small, individual recipient. This goal is also achieved thanks to a wide range of materials employed in the making of castings.
Since its inception, the Foundry Division has operated mainly as a manufacturer of cast steel. In the last few years, the structure of production has developed in such a way that steel castings constitute approx. 85% of all the castings produced, while the remaining part is constituted by cast iron castings. The latter mainly include castings from ductile cast iron.
Casting moulds are made by means of two methods. Approximately 60% of them is performed manually, while the remaining 40% is the product of the moulding machine.

Cast steel castings

A wide range of production offer includes approximately 30 types of cast steel which are used in the manufacturing of castings. These are structural carbon cast steels, structural alloyed cast steels, as well as heat-treatable and solution heat-treatable cast steels with an increased strength and abrasion resistance, manufactured in accordance with national and European standards. There is also a wide weight range of the manufactured castings.
Depending on the batch size and type of moulding, the weight range is as follows:
•    low-volume production and moulding by the moulding machine – from 5 to 100 kg
•    discrete manufacturing and manual moulding – from 30 to 3,500 kg
All cast steel castings are subject to thermal treatment processes, which are carried out in modern and fully automated furnaces (normalization, stress annealing, heat treatment, solution heat treatment, and others). Increasingly higher demands of the customers and search for materials with increasingly higher performance (durability, abrasion resistance) caused the Foundry to specialise in the production of the aforementioned castings in a few years. Manufactured from medium-alloyed and high-alloyed cast steels and subject to specialised heat treatment processes, the castings currently constitute approx. 75% of the total production of cast steel castings.

Cast iron castings

Production offer of the Foundry Division includes castings from grey and ductile cast iron, which are provided for both by the national and European standards. Manufacturing technology employed in the production of these cast irons, which proceeds in electric arc furnaces, allows us to obtain metal of the highest quality, desired chemical composition, properties and structure, satisfactory to the most demanding recipients.
There is also a wide weight range of manufactured cast iron castings. Depending on the batch size and type of moulding, the weight range is as follows:
•    low-volume production and moulding by the moulding machine – from 5 to 100 kg for grey cast iron and ductile cast iron
•    discrete manufacturing and manual moulding – from 20 to 4,000 kg for grey cast iron and from 20 to 1,500 for ductile cast iron.
Cast iron castings may be subjected to thermal treatment processes depending on the requirements and needs of the recipient.

Product categories

Among the product categories that dominate an overall production offer of the Foundry Division, one can find mainly those categories in which the greatest progress regarding technology and selection of high-quality cast materials has been observed.
Castings produced by the Foundry Division can be categorised into the following main product groups:
•    castings for crushers: jaws, impact bars, crushing cones, hammers, linings and others
•    castings for mills: armoured linings, rams, peripheral linings, filling cones, feeds, plug protection, inlet and outlet sleeves, and others
•    castings of teeth for excavators, loaders, rippers
•    castings of backfill accessories for the mining industry
•    castings of brake callipers for heavy working machinery
•    castings of anode plates and moulds for copper smelters
•    castings for load-haul-dump vehicles and conveyors.
Moreover, individual and specific orders of the recipients are executed in accordance with the provided documentation. At the customer's request, there is a possibility of manufacturing casting moulds. All castings are offered in raw state or after mechanical processing.

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