Activity in the field of execution of Overhauls and Maintenance in the KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. facilities constitutes one of a number of new development directions of KGHM ZANAM. As part of its competences and resources, the Overhaul, Service and Maintenance Department performs a range of investment, modernisation and repair works in the area of the copper holding departments.
Recent achievements of the department include the execution of a range of repair tasks in the production process of “Głogów” Copper Smelter, execution of agreements related to service repairs and servicing transport equipment, as well as maintenance works conducted for its divisions.

Apart from the steel production area, the activity of the Overhaul, Service and Maintenance Department focuses on Ore Milling Plants and works conducted in connection with the production process of the said department of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Flotation process modernisation works constitute the latest achievement in these plants, and also include the supply and installation of flotation machines.
The Overhaul, Service and Maintenance Department offers the following range of services to its potential customers:
•    investment realisation (in structural, mechanical, electrical and construction industry),
•    execution of overhauls and repairs,
•    maintenance,
•    setting, diagnostics, service, repair and installation of the rotating equipment,
•    repair services,
•    provision of standby services.
Being the Company's Department engaged in overhauls, service and maintenance, the unit sets its sights on ensuring good technical condition of machines, equipment and installations of its customers, applying the highest diligence and using its long-term knowledge and experience to this end. The Department has a highly qualified and experienced staff at its disposal, who execute the tasks assigned to them, and its undertakings are coordinated by the management team with an extensive experience and appropriate permissions. Furthermore, the Department also has its own extensive production facilities (plants in Legnica and Polkowice), which allow it to perform offsite fabrication on its own. An uncompromised quality and moderate prices are the main assets of the Department.

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