The Mining Services Department offers its customers the implementation of a wide range of various mining works, i.e.:
  • drilling horizontal mining tunnels,
  • conversion of mining galleries in chock and rockbolt support,
  • performance of the roof ripping and sidewalls
  • performance of the breakouts,
  • building ventilation stoppings,
  • construction of driveable (heavy) and non-driveable (light) bridges,
  • sump cleaning,
  • building and renovation of mining railways,
  • enclosure of cable and pipeline slings.

Recently, the Department successfully completed the implementation of the project “Development of the reservoir with the charging point and the extension of the L-3 conveyor belt” in the O/ZG “Polkowice-Sieroszowice” mine.

There should be also mentioned the project “Construction of Fuel Chambers in the C-2 Department” in the “Lubin” mine. Undertaking the implementation of the aforesaid tasks by the Assembly Services Department under KGHM ZANAM was a real challenge for the supervisory personnel and employees of the Department. The main reason was the complete dissimilarity of works in comparison to these carried out so far. The final acceptance by the representatives of the mine constituted the culmination of the struggle with adverse geological and mining conditions.


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