KGHM ZANAM S.A. provides following blasting services:

  • mechanical loading of emulsion explosives with use of the Blast Truck machines,
  • transporting inactive explosives, detonating cords electric and non-electric detonators, and two shot blasters,
  • loading explosives with a mobile lift platform.

It is possible to apply the technology used at projects related to drilling road and train tunnels.

KGHM ZANAM S.A. executes comprehensive transport services based on Self-propelled Transportation Trucks (SWT) suitable for transporting people, rods, hazardous materials and explosives. We offer our Customers comprehensive transport services provided on the basis of the latest product by KGHM ZANAM S.A.: SWT ZANAM - 14 ROBUST B.

Our Maintenance Department ensures high quality of our services. Experience of our engineering and technical staff, along with the continuous research and implementation of the new solutions. enables us to improve efficiency and safety of our transportation services, as well as to present our offer to the new Customers.

The current blasting and transport services are provided within the KGHM POLSKA MIEDŹ S.A. area in the Mining Departments of the ”Polkowice-Sieroszowice”, ”Lubin” and ”Rudna” Mining Plants.

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