Towards electromobility

Last week, KGHM ZANAM S.A. presented a prototype of a new electric transport vehicle. For the Polkowice KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Group of Companies it is the first step towards a low-carbon energy economy.

During a press conference on renewable energy sources organised by KGHM PM S.A., a presentation of ZANPER, the first electric vehicle produced by KGHM ZANAM dedicated to underground transportation of people, took place. The vehicle is also to be used for the transport of people injured in accidents, as well as for the transport of materials. It complies with all the standards related to ergonomics and work safety. Its construction and use of electrical installation based on PLCs and CAN bus, as well as the introduction of the latest solutions, such as anti-corrosion coating or new technologies in the field of electrical connections, are to facilitate work in an extremely demanding underground environment. In the creation of this device, the constructors used their many years of experience developed in the design and manufacture of mobile mining machines.

Introduction of an electric drive into the ZANPER vehicle was the main idea behind this project. For us, this is some kind of a beginning of an offensive in the field of low-emission mining equipment. In the future, we want to supplement the offer of KGHM ZANAM with further electric models that will minimise the emission of harmful substances in the underground environment,” says Krzysztof Okrent, Director of Machinery and Equipment Development at KGHM ZANAM S.A.

The vehicle is currently undergoing field tests.

This year, KGHM ZANAM is also planning to build a 3 MW photovoltaic farm on the site of the Legnica plant. This will be the first project carried out by KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. under the green energy programme. Therefore, the development of products with electric drive by KGHM ZANAM is consistent with the activities of KGHM PM towards renewable energy solutions.



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