Sustainable business

Organisational governance

We rely on transparency and openness in the KGHM ZANAM corporate culture. We believe that acting in accordance with accepted ethical standards and best professional standards, responsibility for commitments made, and optimal use of available resources translates into benefits for the company, stakeholders, and serve the human good. We have well-managed areas but we are aware that there are areas that need improvement. In KGHM ZANAM, we rely on continuous development, listen, and draw conclusions. We are here for you!

The company’s activity is regulated by the Integrated Management System that is compliant with international standards PN-EN ISO 9001, PN-EN ISO 14001, PN-N 18001, and PN-ISO/IEC 27001, implemented and systematically developed in our company.


KGHM ZANAM is made up of a tight team of almost 2,400 professionals, who are our greatest asset. We provide them job stability and opportunities to learn a trade and develop their competences. We strive to be the best possible employer every day.

Our employees receive additional benefits such as commuter allowance, medical care and life insurance, and holiday funding. In addition, they can benefit from housing loans and join the Employee Pension Plan. We care not only for our employees but also for their families, organising interesting trips, camps, and orientation parties such as the Family Picnic, which has already become an annual company event. We also remember about those who built the company from the scratch, i.e. about our retired employees with whom we meet periodically.

We are pleased to see there are several separate trade unions within the company, which bring employees together and actively represent them, with particular attention being paid to their interests and employee rights.

For us, safety comes first so we promote the safe work culture in KGHM ZANAM. We support, train, and introduce a number of preventive measures aimed to protect employees against potential hazards, especially among production workers. We reward mindfulness and caution during our special OHS contests, which aim to reduce accidents.


As far as environmental protection is concerned, we take measures to reduce the consumption of resources and energy and to eliminate the production of hazardous waste and other types of pollution. An effective identification of potentially negative environmental impacts makes it possible to include appropriate assumptions at the project design phase and to internalise external environmental costs.

We monitor the emission of pollutants into the air and sewage as well as the amount of waste generated according to legal requirements and requirements specified in our permits. We use the results of the measurements that we take for further analysis as part of the assessment of environmental aspects.

Waste generated as a result of the Company’s activity is selectively collected, which makes its further management easier and has a positive impact on recycling options for individual fractions. When it comes to waste collection, we only cooperate with entities that have necessary permits and permissions and that apply principles of good practices in their activities.

When manufacturing machines, we use environmentally-friendly technologies, i.e. we are successively introducing combustion engines meeting the latest emission standards such as: Stage V. In addition, we develop and implement electrical and battery power supply technology.

Market practices and consumer relations

KGHM ZANAM promotes fair market practices and high ethical standards in relation to all entities on the market. The company approves and supports all measures aimed to eliminate corruption and embezzlement. The core values of the company include respect for the law, fair competition, respect for property, social responsibility, and saying no to unfair practices such as price fixing. When it comes to consumer relations, the company focuses on the quality of production and services, fair and transparent marketing, solid communication, access to information, and contracting process transparency. The company builds trust in its products and services by their proper design, use of information clauses, training, and servicing for users, as well as transparent complaint procedures.

Community involvement

KGHM ZANAM is actively involved in the achievement of general social objectives, especially among the local community, mainly by supporting initiatives that are difficult to implement without the help of a socially-involved business. The company actively supports the professional development of the local community, culture and art, promotes physical activity, performs charity actions, and supports educational institutions and non-governmental organisations.

Knowledge-based development

Aware of the requirements set for its products and services, KGHM ZANAM keeps investing in the professional development of its own employees and in new technologies obtained from the market. Knowledge-based development means new and unique solutions that improve safety and work productivity. The company cooperates with numerous academic centres in order to conduct research and to provide education for modern engineering and professional staff.

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