The self-propelled transport trucks manufactured by KGHM ZANAM are used for transporting underground workers and selected materials. Efficient drive systems and high manoeuvrability enable safe transportation of up to a dozen or so workers to mining work zones.

The SWT self-propelled transport trucks are designed for various types of transportation and installation works in mines. The trucks are based on Toyota Land Cruiser design, and are used to carry people, blast and other materials, as well as to tow trailers (e.g. a portable compressor) in underground workings of non-methane mining plants where metal ores are extracted, and in mining plants where minerals other than hard coal are extracted. The vehicles are suitable for transporting a dozen or so people
and are powered by naturally aspirated diesel engines. Driving safety and comfort in difficult underground conditions are enhanced by turn-illuminating headlamps, wider front wheel track and springs in suspension, similar to off-road vehicles. In addition to standard disc brakes, leakproof wet disc brakes are used. The cables are oil-resistant, and the electrical system and programmable logic controller are characterised by durability and high resistance to harmful working conditions and elevated temperatures. Some of the mechanical parts are reinforced and sensitive components are protected, which translates into longer service life and thus a direct reduction in operating costs.

Other self-propelled transport trucks make it possible to transport parts, including their mechanical unloading by means of a mechanical crane. Additionally, seats for carrying maintenance groups are installed under the height-adjustable protective canopy. The platform is equipped with a metalworking bench with a vice. A hydraulically-driven welding machine installed on the tractor makes it possible to perform welding works. An integrated air compressor can be used to drive various types of pneumatic tools for pumping wheels, etc. The trucks are equipped with a hydraulic quick coupler to drive any hydraulic receiver. They can also be adapted to carry cylinders of compressed technical gases.

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