Large contract for KGHM ZANAM

In mid-November this year, more machines manufactured by KGHM ZANAM S.A. will reach the German market. Following a tender, as many as seven LKP-0703 loaders will be delivered to the K+S Werk Zielitz salt mine.

The conclusion of the contract is a result of the consistent implementation of the Management Board’s strategy to strengthen the company’s position and build brand awareness in selected foreign markets.

“Based on the knowledge and experience gained in Polish rock salt mines, KGHM ZANAM has been delivering machinery for German salt mines for over 12 years. Currently, K+S is one of the largest European suppliers of potassium and magnesium products and the world’s leading salt producer, while the long-term cooperation and presence in such a demanding and prosperous market is the best reflection of the quality of our products,” says Bernard Cichocki, the President of the KGHM ZANAM Management Board.

The LKP-0703 loader is new product in the KGHM ZANAM’s machinery offer and includes many innovative solutions designed on the basis on detailed guidelines provided by the customer and adapted to the operating conditions in the mine. The product uses an energy-saving hydraulic system fitted with variable displacement pumps with the Load Sensing control, which adjusts pump capacity to the load. This solution makes it possible to increase machine capacity and lower thermal emission, which is a great advantage when working at extremely high temperatures in the Zielitz mine. The safety and comfort of the operator is ensured thanks to the new, enclosed and ergonomic cab protection structure, compliant with FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structures) and ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) standards, and is equipped with a specially designed air conditioning system that uses chilled water as a refrigerant. In addition, we have guaranteed compliance with the highest exhaust gas standard by deciding to use the Stage V engine.

As a result of the experience and hard work of our team of constructors, we can ensure a high technological level of the KGHM ZANAM machinery, which allows us to compete with products of renowned brands and offers prospects for further orders.